Bayram Horror Story

Twice a year, the muslim community around the world as well as Turkey will celebrate the religious Bayram. So what is Bayram? Bayram means celebration in Turkish. There 2 common religious bayram that the Turks will celebrate annually, namely the Ramazan Bayram (also known as the Şeker Bayram) & the Kurban Bayram.

So what they normally do as a preparation to celebrate the bayram? They all do the same, going back to their hometown. Just few days before the bayram (might as well be as early as 1 week before the bayram), the Turks will start traveling to their hometown.

Picture this in your mind, the road to everywhere becomes packed with cars as if everyone running to the electronic store on the Black Friday and major cities like Istanbul become totally deserted just like the scene in those zombie films.

You think only zombie film can give you goose bumps? Check this out, young Turks often find this as one of the most horrific scene in their life…

Bayram Horror Story Scene

What to be expected during Bayram gatherings

Eid Horror Story (Turkish Version) :

Evleniyor musun = Are you getting married?
Kilo almışşın = You gained weight
Kaç yaşına bastın = How old are you now
Ne zaman mezun oluyorsun = When are you going to graduate
Maşallah kocaman olmuşsun = Masha Allah, you have become big
El öpenlerin çok olsun = May you also have a lot of people to kiss your hand (meaning that may you have lots of kids and grandchildren, may you get old)
Çalışıyor musun = Are you working?
Nişan ne zaman = When are you going to be enggaged?

However with time, this culture is about to disappear… More and more younger generation nowadays opt to take a lush holiday abroad or even domestically during the Bayram instead of going back to their hometown or village, leaving the old generation waiting for them, with hope glistening in their eyes, every single year. After all, bayram is one of the season where families from all over Turkey get back and spend time to visit each other or share a chat or two…

What’s your celebration’s horror story? Leave a comment below and share your own experiences! Happy Eid Al-Fitr to all muslims out there <3!

With love from Istanbul…

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