NEWSFLASH: Bombing in Sultanahmet, Istanbul

Is It Really Not Safe To Come To Turkey?



           Hello everybody! Yesterday we were shocked by the bombing accident that happened in Istanbul at the Sultanahmet area, one of the famous places for tourists. My condolences to the families of all victims. 

According to the news, it is believed that it was done by the DAESH. I know many people might feel that it is unsafe to come to Turkey now, but let me tell you something.
Yesterday, after the bombing, I actually passed there with the tramvay and what I saw was the area was closed with the police tape, and there were a lot of polices working on that site. On the other site of the street, opposite of that area, looks exactly the same. Tourists walking around, sitting at the café, chit chatting with their friends, like nothing happened.
I went to the Grand Bazaar afterwards and I saw that the daily activities in these areas continue as usual. To top that, this morning, that site was opened again, and there were tour groups having their tours as usually.
My dear friends, we are living in a world where nothing is predictable nowadays. Look at Paris, who ever thought there will bombing over there at that time? Such a big and famous tourist spot and still these people manage to blow themselves in such crowd. It’s normal to be scared or to doubt the safety of these places, but what I am trying to convey here is that, I don’t really believe such thing as if you avoid these places you will be safe. 
Crazy people are everywhere nowadays, you can be living in your country, sleeping on your bed and something bad can happen. Someone could just break in and do unimaginable things to the occupant. Someone could just walk across the street and a car come in a flash and knock him/her down. My point is, death is inevitable. Yes, you can say “but it is wise to stay away from places that had been bombed before!”  The truth is, with the rise of these ISIS, DAESH or whatever they are, I do trust that they are actually everywhere in the world. These kind of things could happened in any country.
In conclusion, I honestly don’t feel like I am living in a dangerous country at all. We are not living in a war zone here in Turkey, like how most of the international media picture this country. Shit happens and life moves on. That’s all for now, till then, Adiós!
People visit the site of Tuesday's suicide bomb attack at Sultanahmet square in Istanbul,

People visit the site of Tuesday’s suicide bomb attack at Sultanahmet square in Istanbul, Turkey January 14, 2016. REUTERS/Osman Orsal



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